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Our handmade chocolates


Almond Trio (n)

A layer of Almond Paste topped with Almond Praline and a whole roasted Almond. Enrobed in milk chocolate.

Apple Caramel handmade chocolates

Apple Caramel

A milk chocolate shell with a buttery caramel flavoured with juice from our homegrown apples.


Caramel Heart

A milk chocolate heart filled with a soft vanilla infused caramel.

Cointreau handmade chocolates

Cointreau Truffle (a)

Dark truffle with fresh orange zest and orange liqueur.


Espresso (ve)

 A water ganache made with a rich espresso and 66% dark chocolate.

Ginger ganache handmade chocolates


Dark chocolate ganache infused with fresh ginger.

Hazelnut Praline handmade chocolates

Hazelnut Praline (n/g)

Crunchy hazelnut praline with 40% milk chocolate.

Marzipan handmade chocolates

Marzipan (n)

Almond paste with a hint of rose water, enrobed in 75% dark chocolate.


Millionaire's Truffle

Creamy milk truffle topped with salted caramel in a milk and white chocolate shell.

Pecan Praline handmade chocolates

Pecan Praline (n/ve)

Toasted pecans in a crunchy praline with 75% dark chocolate.

Salted Caramel handmade chocolates

Salted Caramel

Classic smooth caramel with a hint of Brittany sea salt. Milk or dark.

Vegan Dark Truffle handmade chocolates

Vegan DarkTruffle (ve)

60% dark chocolate water ganache enrobed in 75% dark chocolate and coated with cocoa powder.

An Amaretto truffle freshly made by The Magnificent Chocolate Company

Amaretto Truffle (n/a)

Dark truffle with Amaretto liqueur, covered with toasted almonds in milk chocolate.

Blackcurrant vegan handmade chocolates

Blackcurrant (ve)

Blackcurrant water ganache with 66% dark chocolate.

Champagne Cognac handmade chocolates

Champagne Cognac (a)

40% milk chocolate ganache with Remy Martin champagne cognac, coated in 75% dark chocolate.

Dark Cherry vegan handmade chocolates

Dark Cherry (ve)

75% dark chocolate shell filled with a Kirsch soaked cherry in a dark cherry ganache.

Fresh Mint Ganache vegan handmade chocolates

Fresh Mint Ganache (ve)

A 60% dark chocolate ganache made with a fresh garden mint infusion.

Ginger heart handmade chocolates

Ginger Heart (ve)

Solid 75% dark chocolate heart with crystallized ginger.

Honeycomb Crunch handmade chocolates

Honeycomb Crunch

Solid milk chocolate with crunchy handmade honeycomb pieces.

Milk Truffle handmade chocolates

Milk Truffle

A smooth, creamy milk chocolate ganache.

Orange and Chilli vegan handmade chocolates

Orange and Chilli (ve)

A dark chocolate ganache with fresh orange zest, infused with chilli.

Great Tast Award 2019 Raspberry Truffle

Raspberry Truffle

Dark chocolate truffle with fresh raspberries coated in dark chocolate with raspberry decoration.


Strawberry Truffle

Fresh strawberry ​and white chocolate ganache in a white chocolate shell.


Whisky Truffle (a)

Milk chocolate truffle with malt whisky. Enrobed in 40% milk chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate vermicelli.

Apple Calvados handmade chocolates

Apple Calvados (a)

A dark chocolate ganache with apple brandy, topped with apple caramel in a dark chocolate shell.


Butter Caramel

A hard caramel made with unsalted Normandy butter, infused with vanilla.

Champagne Truffle handmade chocolates

Champagne Truffle (a)

Dark ganache with Marc de Champagne, coated in dark and white chocolate.

Dark Truffle handmade chocolates

Dark Truffle

85% dark chocolate ganache enrobed in chocolate and coated in cocoa.

Gin Lemon_web.jpg

Gin and Lemon (a)

White chocolate ganache with gin and fresh lemon zest.

Hazelnut Ganache handmade chocolates

Hazelnut Ganache (n)

Dark chocolate ganache with smooth hazelnut gianduja, enrobed in milk chocolate.

Lemon bonbon handmade chocolates

Lemon Bonbon

Fresh lemon and white chocolate ganache in a white chocolate shell decorated with dark chocolate.

Milky Mocha Handmade Chocolates

Milky Mocha

Milky coffee ganache enrobed in white chocolate, topped with cocoa nibs.

Peanut Butter handmade chocolates

Peanut Butter Truffle (n)

Crunchy peanut and dark chocolate ganache, enrobed in 40% milk chocolate.

Rum Raisin handmade chocolates

Rum Raisin (a)

Rum infused chocolate ganache topped with rum soaked raisins.

Vanilla Truffle handmade chocolates

Vanilla Truffle

Creamy white chocolate ganache infused with vanilla.

(ve) vegan - dark chocolate may contain milk traces

(n) contains nuts

(a) contains alcohol

(g) contains gluten

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